A Male worker sitting on ground after a leg injury

Accident & Injuries at Work

At Tormeys Solicitors LLP, we have vast experience in advising clients who have suffered physically, psychologically and financially as a result of an accident at work. We have the legal expertise and understanding of the challenges facing employees when pursuing a cause of action against their employer and we will handle each case with the sensitivity that it deserves.

Employees are entitled to safe place of work and a safe system of work. It is necessary for employers to provide adequate training to all employees. Employers must undertake risk assessments across all aspects of their business. For every risk identified, employers must implement measures to eliminate or mitigate the danger.

A claim arising out of an accident at work involves proving that the accident was as a result of the employers negligence, or breach of duty. Occasionally, a third party, such as a subcontractor of the employer, may be involved. Even if an employee believes that they contributed somewhat to the accident occurring, this does not preclude them from pursuing a cause of action against their employer. If an employee is deemed to be partially responsible for the accident, they will be “contributory negligent”.

If an employer is negligent and an employee suffers an injury as a result of that negligence, the employee is entitled to be compensated for their injuries. Employees can be anxious about bringing a cause of action against an employer and may be concerned that they will lose their job if they pursue a cause of action. If an employer seeks to terminate your employment because of an injury at work, this might be considered as unfair dismissal.

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