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Selling a Property

If you decide to sell your property, we will guide you through the process in a personalised and professional manner, dealing with any questions or queries you might have. If we receive your instructions as soon as you place the property on the market, we can work on getting the contract ready for issue as soon as a sale is agreed. When selling a property, as our solicitors, we will require the following information:-

  • Check icon The location of your title deeds. If your title deeds are with a bank, we will have you sign a form of authority allowing us to take up the title deeds on accountable trust receipt;
  • Check icon We will work with you in completing our client questionnaire to secure the necessary details to fully protect your interests when preparing your contracts for sale
  • Check icon We will require a local property tax printout showing local property tax paid to the current year end. Upon closing, we will prepare a LPT apportionment account;
  • Check icon We will require a certificate of exemption or discharge from NPPR for the years 2012 and 2013;
  • Check icon We will require details of your water supply and confirmation of whether your property has a septic tank or is serviced by the mains system. If you have a septic tank, we will require a certificate of registration of your septic tank with Protect our Water;
  • Check icon We will require a copy of your state marriage or civil partnership certificate (and a copy of a Separation Agreement or Divorce Order if applicable);
  • Check icon We will require a BER certificate and advisory report;
  • Check icon We will require details of any work completed to the property together with copies of any relevant planning permissions, architect’s certificates of compliance and/or architect’s certificates of exemption from planning;
  • Check icon If the property is in a managed development, we will require contact details for the management company;
  • Check icon We will require you to sign various documents throughout the process to include the contract for sale, Family Home Declaration, Section 72 Declaration. The legal ramifications of all of these documents will be explained to you when you meet with us;
  • Check icon Prior to closing, we will write to your mortgage bank and seek a redemption figure for your mortgage;
  • Check icon Once we are in receipt of funds and have confirmation of completion of the transaction, we will pay the required amount to your bank and will then furnish you with a closing statement of account and transfer the balance of the proceeds of sale to an account nominated by you.

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