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Personal Injury Claims

Tormeys Solicitors LLP has a reputation for providing excellent legal services to clients for almost a century. Our award-winning personal injury litigation team offers vast experience in all areas of personal injury.

A personal injury claim is a claim for compensation for the injury, loss and damage suffered by a person which arose out of the fault of another person. Personal injury claims can arise out of many different incidents such as a road traffic accident, accidents at work, slip, trip or falls which occurred in a public or private place.

At Tormeys Solicitors LLP we will assist you in determining the validity and strength of your cause of action. In assessing your case, we will look at the cause of the accident, the extent of your injuries and how the accident and resulting injuries have impacted upon you.

In personal injury claims there are strict time limits within which a cause of action must be commenced. Generally, a claim must be instituted against the person responsible for the accident within two years from the date of the accident however, occasionally these time limits may be shorter or longer. The time limits within which a minor can institute court proceeding is two years from the date of their eighteenth birthday.

At Tormeys Solicitors LLP we specialise in the following areas :-

  • Check icon Accidents & Injuries at Work
  • Check icon Road Traffic Accidents and Cyclist/Scooter accidents
  • Check icon Slip, Trip and Falls and accidents in Public Places
  • Check icon The Garda Compensation Scheme
  • Check icon Fatal Accidents
  • Check icon Post-traumatic stress
  • Check icon Product Liability

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