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Employment Law

We provide dedicated expert employment law advice tailored to meet your requirements. Our firm routinely acts and advises both employers and employees on all aspects of the employment relationship and work-related issues.

For Employers, Organisations and business owners

We provide expert employment law advice and advisory functions to business owners that reduces risk and exposures to legal claims. This reduces our clients’ exposure to legal costs.

We provide expert advice on workplace issues and resolution with a view to litigation proofing decisions that reduce risk.

We provide expert advice on all employment law issues such as:

  • Check icon Employment Contracts and Staff Handbook
  • Check icon Policies and Procedures
  • Check icon Employee Relations
  • Check icon Disciplinary and Performance Management
  • Check icon Bullying and Harassment
  • Check icon Employment Equality
  • Check icon Discrimination
  • Check icon Absenteeism
  • Check icon Reorganisations and Redundancies
  • Check icon Industrial Relations and Disputes
  • Check icon Termination of employment contracts
  • Check icon Data Protection and Confidentiality issues

We provide expert advice in relation to compliance of employer’s obligations such as drafting contracts of employment and hand books.

We provide expert advice on Disciplinary & grievance procedures.

We provide expert advice on large scale redundancy programmes and business reorganisations and asset transfers (TUPE).

We provide expert advice on termination agreements and all aspect of ending an employment relationship.

We provide expert advice and representation in relation to employment litigation in cases for unfair dismissals, discrimination and pay disputes, and conduct personal injuries litigation including bullying, harassment and work-related stress complaints.

We offer expert advice on gender pay gap issues, equality, equal pay and retirement age claims.

We offer expert advice on GDPR and employee access requests.

We offer employers expert advice on general guidance on employment law compliance and workplace audits.

For Employees

We offer review contracts of employment to ensure it clearly specifies the agreed terms and conditions.

We offer guidance on how to process a grievance, complaint, bullying and harassment, discrimination or how to or respond to such a complaint and/or a disciplinary or performance procedure.

We provide expert advice on equality/discrimination issues including issues arising from maternity leave, protected leave, request to work part time, request to remote/hybrid working conditions, discrimination, protected disclosures/whistleblowing.

We offer expert advice on termination arrangements, selection for redundancy, bonuses, payment of wages, changes to contractual entitlements & benefits and restrictive covenants.

We represent employees in employment claims including but not limited to claims for unfair dismissal, payment of wages, discrimination, and personal injury claims for stress at work.

We offer expert advice and guidance on the following:

  • Check icon Compromise Agreements
  • Check icon Discrimination
  • Check icon Disciplinary and Grievance procedures
  • Check icon Disciplinary hearings
  • Check icon Employment Contracts
  • Check icon Employment Policies
  • Check icon Equality Claims
  • Check icon Health and Safety
  • Check icon Industrial Relations
  • Check icon Maternity and parental rights
  • Check icon Pension disputes
  • Check icon Public sector advisory work
  • Check icon Working time and payment of wages claims
  • Check icon Work-related stress issues
  • Check icon Unfair dismissal

We regularly engage in Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Arbitration with a view to resolving work related issues/conflicts in the most cost-efficient way. We are in a position to provide tailored advices so as to meet a to meet the specific needs of the business organisation or employee. We have extensive experience in representation before the Employment Appeals Tribunal, Rights Commissioner service of the Labour Relations Commission, Labour Court and Equality Tribunal, as well as the Circuit and High Courts and the Workplace Relations Commission.

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