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A common perception is that once you take out a mortgage with a bank or financial institution that you are compelled to stick with them for the duration of the mortgage or until the house or apartment is sold.  The idea of switching mortgages can be daunting, however, it is becoming more and more popular and house owners may secure significant financial benefits by switching their mortgage provider.

When switching mortgages, your new bank will require security over the dwellinghouse and it will require the registration of a fresh mortgage against the property. We at Tormeys can provide an up-dated certificate confirming that all issues in relation to title and planning matters are in order.  There will be documentation to be executed to process the mortgage application itself and the registration of the mortgage as a charge or burden against the property.

Many of the financial institutions offer incentives for people to switch including contributions towards the legal costs involved in switching the mortgage.  Part of the process will involve the removal of the existing burden or charge registered against your property for the previous mortgage.

Tormeys Solicitors will look after all the legal issues and we have a specialised workflow system to make the process as efficient and stress free for our customers as possible.    If there are financial advantages to switching your mortgage, you should consider doing so and let Tormeys Solicitors guide you through the process.

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