Accidents in Public Places

Slip, Trip & Falls and accidents in Public Places

Slips, trips and falls can occur in a multitude of places – they can occur at a place of work, in public place or at private businesses. Examples of these types of claims include slipping on spillages in supermarkets, tripping over a defect in a pavement or falling from a height. To successfully pursue a cause of action relating to a slip, trip or fall, it is necessary to prove a third party was negligent and it was as a result of that negligence that an injury resulted.

If you suffered an injury in a public place, it may be possible to bring a claim against a local authority. It is the role of local authorities to maintain roads, footpaths and parks etc.

In advising you on your case, we will look at the cause of your accident, the location of your accident and how the accident and resulting injuries have impacted upon you.

If you are unsure if the circumstances leading to your slip, trip or fall are grounds to pursue a claim against a local authority, private business such as supermarkets or other retail establishments, employer construction site, contact Tormeys Solicitors LLP who will provide succinct and comprehensive advice in relation to your potential cause of action.

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