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Purchasing a Property

When you have decided upon a property to purchase, you pay a booking deposit to the estate agent. The estate agent will then issue an advice note to your solicitor which will contain details of the vendor and the vendor’s solicitor, the property and the purchase price. The booking deposit paid to the estate agent or auctioneer is refundable should you decide not to proceed with the purchase. We, as your solicitor, will then:-

  • Check icon Issue you with an engagement letter setting out terms of engagement and the legal costs involved;
  • Check icon Request your ID and proof of address;
  • Check icon Requisition the contract for sale together with copy title from the vendor’s solicitor;
  • Check icon We will investigate the title and review the contracts and raise pre-contract enquiries with the vendor’s solicitor, we will also seek to amend the contracts to protect your interests as a purchaser;
  • Check icon We will forward to you a copy of the maps received with the contract together with the planning documentation and request that you instruct an engineer to prepare a report, having inspected the property and the documentation;
  • Check icon We will request that you attend at our office so that we may review and advise you on your loan documentation and any other relevant documentation so as to allow you to sign both the contracts and the loan documentation;
  • Check icon We will certify your title
  • Check icon On drawdown of your mortgage funds from your bank and, once we are satisfied that all or any title queries have been satisfied, we will arrange for completion of the purchase;
  • Check icon Once the transaction completes, we will stamp your Deed of Transfer and lodge your application for registration as owner in the Property Registration Authority;
  • Check icon On receipt of a notice of completion from the Property Registration Authority, we will return your title deeds to your bank where they will remain for the duration of your mortgage or until such time as you wish to sell the property or re-finance with another lending institution.

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