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Family Law

Our team has extensive and considerable experience in all aspects of Family Law. We provide comprehensive advice on all family law matters. We offer representation at every court level. In matters involving children we strive to protect them from the impact of litigation. Our approach is to achieve a cost-effective resolution while minimising the impact of litigation on the parties. We always encourage non-confrontational resolutions where possible, particularly mediation and collaboration because clients will often do better if the case can be settled outside Court or by negotiation, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution.

Every family is unique and we aim to meet your individual needs by providing a wide range of services in Family Law as follows:

Access / Custody/ Guardianship

When dealing with matters that involve children, we work towards a solution which takes the best interests of the children into account and work to minimise the impact upon them.

Separation Agreements & Judicial Separation

Whether by separation agreement or Judicial separation in the Circuit or High Court. You are still married and cannot remarry.


Once the parties are living apart for two out of the last three years and there is no prospect of reconciliation, a Court can grant a divorce. This allows parties to remarry.

Cohabitants Agreements

For parties, of the same sex or different sexes who are living together but are not married.


Parents, whether married or unmarried, have a legal responsibility to maintain dependent children. This also applied to spouses/civil partners to maintain each other in accordance with their means.


This is a declaration by a court that a marriage never existed in the eyes of the law. It means that no valid marriage exists between the parties.

Property Disputes

Problems can arise when separating or selling a shared or joint property. It can be complicated, there can be issues to address such as loans from banks or contributions from third parties.

Family Law cases vary in complexity yet the level of compassion, understanding and professionalism delivered to clients is always at the highest level. So how much will a legal separation or divorce cost? Every case is different and it will depend on a number of factors:

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