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Types Of Cancer Misdiagnosis In Medical Negligence

Typed of Cancer Misdiagnosis

Tormeys Solicitors LLP have a dedicated medical negligence team with vast experience in many areas of cancer misdiagnosis.

As one of the largest, oldest award-winning Solicitor firms in the Midlands, our dedicated medical negligence team have developed an understanding of the issues and have built a network of leading experts in various areas, including pathology, radiology and oncology, who guide our clients seamlessly through the legal process.

Legal actions can arise from misdiagnosis, delayed treatment or inappropriate treatment for a range of cancers and Tormeys Solicitors dedicated medical negligence team have experience in the following areas:-

  • Breast Cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Cervical Cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Cervical Check Cancer Misdiagnosis cases.
  • Lung Cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Ovarian Cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Bowel Cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Prostate Cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Brain Tumour Cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Stomach Cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Melanoma.

Where delays or misdiagnosis occur, patients can suffer a loss of opportunity or a loss of chance of survival with the possibility that their ordinary life expectancy can be reduced.

Patients can also suffer psychological distress and financial loss as a result of a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis.

Cancer misdiagnosis cases can be very complex, and it is important to instruct an experienced medical negligence Solicitor to examine your case and advise.

If you wish to discuss any issues or concerns in relation to the foregoing, please contact our dedicated medical negligence team without delay.

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