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Tormeys Solicitors act in fatal case

Tormeys Solicitors act in fatal case

Tormeys solicitors acted in this fatal injuries action which was brought on behalf of the deceased’s family in circumstances where there was a failure on behalf of the Defendants to diagnose that the deceased was suffering from lung cancer.

The deceased had been diagnosed as suffering from depression which was reflected mainly in anorexia and as a result did not receive a thorough clinical examination. She was wrongly diagnosed in two hospitals. Following the eventual diagnosis of lung cancer, the deceased underwent chemotherapy however, due to the delay in the diagnosis of her condition, her ability to tolerate this treatment was compromised and she was left so debilitated that she died approximately nine months after her diagnosis.

One of the deceased’s daughters brought the action on behalf of the deceased’s dependents. The family sought damages for mental distress caused by their mother’s death.

The deceased’s family received damages in the sum of €65,000 and also received an apology from the HSE.